We collaborate, compete, challenge and create but, above all, connect to reveal smart strategies and compelling creativity.

Here at 1HQ, we live and breathe questions. Questions breed answers, answers breed actions, and actions breed results. Award-winning results in our case.

The secret to our success though, is not in our ability to ask questions. It’s not even in our ability to create answers. It is in our unyielding belief that finding the right answer is all about asking the right question. Distilling a brief into that single right question is an art that we’ve been perfecting for over 25 years. We call it the One Hard Question.

One Hard Question is what we ask in every journey we embark on with our clients.

The answer to this question becomes our guiding principle, a single-minded idea that helps to drive deeper thinking and unlock the creative direction that will make a brand more relevant in those critical moments and places where it competes for that valuable share of our hearts and minds.

What do we do?


Our vision comes from a blend of trend gathering, forecasting, semiotic and projective research. We combine all this with finely tuned global thinking to hunt out and define the best emotionally motivating and meaningful strategies that engage and deliver in our every changing consumer landscape.

Brand Innovation

With a solid foundation of insights, experience and research, we identify emotionally motivating and meaningful opportunities, to surprise and delight, and create brand solutions that are unexpected and shift consumer & category perspectives.

Creative Planning

We have perfected a approach that blends a brand's unique magic, logic and iconicity; which is where our strategic team find the beating heart of a brand, define the plan to express, and tap into the deepest desires of it’s consumers to drive relevance.


Our founding heritage is in design, and steeped in the experience of brand design living in the real world. Across the 2D, 3D and 360° activation of our ideas, we create those memorable moments of visual delight that become part of our everyday lives; connecting with people and living in their hearts for sometimes their whole lives.


We go beyond the face value of an idea to activate and amplify inspiring ideas through communication campaigns for shoppers, consumers and the trade across channels, formats and touchpoints - all with absolute consistency, clarity and commercial clout.


Producing stand out designs is not something that happens overnight. Which is why we value the close involvement of our implementation experts throughout the entire creative process. Skilled print and production knowledge, mixed with sheer common sense, not only saves money and time but it means that together we can deliver to the creative vision with quality and consistency.

Looking for some proof in the pudding?