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03 – We Did it on Purpose
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Content includes

  • The Art of Sustainable Design
    Communicating new-found transparency through innovative design solutions.
  • Sustainable Purpose
    Discover your purpose and help unite your employees and brand.
  • Progress with Purpose
    We met with Alberto Macciani Global VP of Unilever’s Sunlight brand, to discuss purpose, sustainability and their influence on strategy and innovation.
02 - What's the Future?
April / June 2018
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Content includes

  • Retail WTF?
    Smarter, faster, stronger, deeper. Key developments that will impact the world of retail.
  • Time to Cut Out the Plastic?
    My single wrapper can’t have made a difference? Or could it?
  • If You Remember Just 3 Things…
    Three mega-trends that will change your future brand decisions.
01 - Style vs Substance
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Content includes

  • Foreword
    CEO, Mark Artus welcomes you to our first edition

  • Brand Experience
    Go beyond the product to design meaningful brand experience.

  • The Zeo Journey
    Bringing Zeo’s unique, botanical blend and bold, refreshing flavour experience to life.
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